Stan Lee (A Love Letter to a Figure Who Makes Superheroes Come to Life)

The world comes to sadness again when one of the most influential figures in the superhero circles even who has captured the wild imagination of our childhood including myself, Stan Lee, died at the age of 95. This just comes suddenly when I wake up early and opened Facebook when media announced the figure of the legendary writer, editor, and publisher of Marvel Comics who died of pneumonia that he had experienced for a long time.

Now, I just want memories of how Stan Lee has filled our sweet memories at a childhood of wild imagination. His influence isn’t only on the comics he writes and draws but how he gives a lot of inspiration to video games and even anime. We don’t really talk about how the story from his biography from beginning to end, but I just want a variety of short experiences from someone who has filled our imagination with a variety of superheroes.

Brief history, I even forgot how the first time I knew a superhero or something like that. Now, we get “My Hero Academia” which is also influenced by Marvel Comics. For me, Stan Lee is like a God in a different universe. He created a universe filled with all kinds of imagination – as well as what we had imitated when we were a child. You know, something like a spiderman who can pull out webs and climb on a wall, someone who has super strength with his robe, a mutant who has the strength and uniqueness of each other, and many more even I don’t know anything I’ve ever watched.

For Marvel films today, Stan Lee comes as a cameo besides wanting to compete with Alfred Hitchcock who also comes as a cameo almost in every film he directs or even all. However, we’ll never see it again for future Marvel films ahead of the next few years. This is just coming right in my nuts, landing right in the middle.

“I used to think what I did wasn’t very important. People are building bridges and engaging in medical research, and here I was doing stories about fictional people who do extraordinary, crazy things and wear costumes. But, I suppose I have come to realize that entertainment isn’t easily dismissed.”

Said Stan Lee to the Chicago Tribune in April 2014. Just like some geeky and nerdy things he said.

Stan Lee was as extraordinary as the characters he created. A superhero in his own right to Marvel fans around the world, Stan had the power to inspire, to entertain, and to connect. The scale of his imagination was only exceeded by the size of his heart.”

Bob Iger, Disney chairman, and CEO. I also agree with his statement because, without Stan Lee, the universe never existed.

I don’t know too much about the superhero characters that exist but I just love playing NES in the old days. However, Spider-Man is one of my favorite characters because it’s the first time I know something like a superhero. I remember when I was sick where only I and my sister were taking care of me. Here, I was still a child in general and here I also had a fever. My parents left and I kept mumbling so they quickly went home. Right after that, my parents came to bring me various kinds of NES cartridges. I still remember what games were bought. There is “Jurassic Park,” “Felix the Cat,” “The Chessmaster,” “M.C. Kids,” and “Super Mario Bros. 3.” I remember there were seven cartridges but I only forgot one game. The first thing I saw was of course “Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six.” I mean, it’s an LJN game but it’s just a fun thing you got. The important thing is I’m happy and it’s still.

From there, my love for superheroes became more complex. I watched the cartoon series, Sam Raimi’s trilogy, and bought various games on various consoles even for PCs. There aren’t many superheroes I know besides Spider-Man. Maybe, X-Men is also included but doesn’t really prefer into it. I only mostly watch Nickelodeon than others including classic anime at the time. Yeah, back at those days where cartoons are still your friends in our morning compared to today.

So, I call all internet fellow, otaku, movie fans, ani-bloggers, geek, nerds, and everyone to thank the person who has changed the world and even pop culture to be more interesting. Thank you, Stan Lee, who has given us a variety of insane imagination even now. Thank you for giving such a great impact and influence on entertainment, movies, video games, comics, anime, and others.

A love-letter to someone who has accompanied us even now and will remain a legacy in the future and will never die. Excelsior!


2 replies to “Stan Lee (A Love Letter to a Figure Who Makes Superheroes Come to Life)

    1. It’s just suddenly that we are not too ready. He is one of the most influential people in the world including everyone. A person who has filled us with all kinds of imagination especially from our childhood.

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