So, where are we?

Lately, I’ve never managed this blog again for the past few days because I just bought a new domain. The question is, will I delete this blog or still but want to take care of it? The answer… I still take care of it but with a new update.

As you can see, I made some content transfers by deleting various blogs related to anime and movies. I moved everything to my new website here.

I’ll fill this blog with content related to video games and reviews. So, if you want to look back on my new content, my new website is the place.

Second, I do a rebuild for this blog. I will make a change of name. It’s just that, I still think about what a good name is.

Later, I want to see various kinds of developments going forward and still stay on this blog. For this blog, it might be rare to write video game or related review content. But, I didn’t stop there. I’ll make changes again starting from the theme (maybe), a new profile picture if sure, a banner, an icon, and others. Especially also for the new blog.

So, I’m sorry why I never showed up. Why do I use a new identity again, why, why, and why. I want to see something new for the future.



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