Even though it’s a bit late to say it, just for this time. Merry Christmas for those of you who celebrate and may you be blessed. May we all be happy whether they celebrate or not. It’s just a warmth to always be together.

Anyway, it’s been a hard time to go back again. For several weeks, there are so many things I have to do besides being on one blog. We have to do the mid-assignment of making short films. This short film also has many challenges from our members whose difficult to contact and shooting each act. Of course, it’s about time.

Also this week I have to write a thesis or proposal for the final assignment this semester. So, I used the movie “There Will Be Blood” as my final assignment. It’s one of my favorite from Paul Thomas Anderson. Besides that, it’s one of the complicated films to be discussed even for analysis. Even like this, this thesis doesn’t take too much time.

A few days ago, exactly this week, my friends and I went to one of my friends who celebrated Christmas. For two days, we went there. So, I don’t write much besides that. Nothing to do. It’s like a temporary paradise for all of us. You can do anything. But, such a warmth makes me feel at home there. Either the trip was taken several hours until we were tired we went and went home for two days.

So, here I go. I wrote this blog for video games only. In addition, some crap or usually a blog and article are included in the list. The time has come for the following year. Whether this year is so bad for anyone or even memorable, nobody knows.

Merry Christmas to everybody. I don’t care if I’m infidel for saying that. You know what I mean, okay? If you live in Indonesia, you know what I’m talking about. But, damn. You don’t have nuts.


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