DERE EVIL .EXE – Doki Doki Literature Club’s PTSD

Just like the beginning of the new year, I just stayed at home without doing anything. You know, isolated yourself or else. So, happy new year to all of you. Hopefully, this year, we will become better as a person or vice versa. Anyway, “DERE EVIL. EXE” is an indie game available on the App Store and Steam. It develops by AppSir, Inc., one of the developers that made other “DERE. EXE” games. I was just lucky I found this at random on my smartphone and was really grateful to play it for free. Sadly, this game can be completed in one sitting nonstop. It doesn’t take several hours to get it done. Except, you suck at this type of game or whatever.

So, what can you expect from this game? If you really know how horror is “Doki Doki Literature Club,” this game makes no difference. Glitch as the main horror and breaking the 4th wall as well. As its core, this is an excellent yet cool 2D side-scrolling game. You run, and jump, and run and jump again. The player goes through various obstacles as well as the same type of game. Initially, it seems normal for ordinary games. In fact, the poster of the game is really deceptive. But, just wait for the twist dude.


First of all, let’s talk about the gameplay. This is a 2D platformer game with trial and error. You die in the same place even died many times. Various obstacles and hidden troll traps allow players to feel annoying. Just hopes to get through it to get the next checkpoint and learn new errors again. Sure, it has short levels and just a few chapters. But, it’s like saying a cat but it’s a stray one. That is just a bad analogy. The controls are easy but a bit slippery. Sometimes, it didn’t really work. Not to mention, the difficulty levels are increasing in each chapter. Sure, there is a double jump. But, it’s just making you frustating and better going out.

And this is the unique part of the game. This game has artificial intelligence that gives you various helpful hints through the game. It’s a great meta but more horror. She tells you about avoiding falling in the gaps and don’t collect the coins. At first, you ignore that. However, it’s kind of a sarcastic bit to have to trust the game itself. This part feels more funny, not too horror; for now. It’s kind of breaking the 4th wall in this case too.

If you think that part is still funny, just wait until the next part. The fourth wall, for the next level, is getting more interesting. There is another character called Yanna that controls your actions. Although it seems a bit confusing because I haven’t played the prequel. But, it would be better if you play this first from the beginning because it will make you feel the ambiguous feel. Apparently, Yanna is the opposite of artificial intelligence. She wants you to stop playing the game. She worries about you and the developers. So, this is indeed confusing. However, it will be even more confusing if you see the ending of the game.


DERE EVIL. EXE” and “Doki Doki Literature Club” are both games with odd glitches and jumpscares. This is a new thing on the internet especially in Creepypasta too. This also gives many new ideas to the world of video games, especially the number of similar games born especially indie games. Very unique to give a sensation of horror between players and players as if they were in a separate but united world. Moreover, playing this at night greatly adds to the horror.

But, is it just that? “DERE EVIL. EXE” further strengthens its horror aspects, especially its ambient music. It just reminds you “Doki Doki Literature Club,” again, in some parts. The graphic is a retro-style 16-bit classic 2D platformers. I myself even want to see other games from this AppSir, Inc. The first impression for this game even gave me trauma and bad memory one year ago when I first played “DDLC” at night one time. So, this is a worthy indie game. It’s a meta-humor and meta-horror. It’s everything you can find this game. All the horror aspects are really there. It’s just keep pulling you to frustrating and even depression. I mean, it’s not an exaggeration.

4 out of 5 stars.


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