Just like the title.

Anyway, this is indeed a temporary farewell. I’ll leave temporarily so I can’t write a few more articles for the next four weeks. This also certainly applies to my another blog too.

This week is a busy week. I’ve to get ready to pack my clothes that I want to bring and various kinds of natural baths for sure. For one thing, I did a far-field job. It’s just a little far from my hometown. It’s just that, it’s in the countryside where we don’t know whether there is electricity, water or signals. I hope, for sure, all of that is there. Of course, a free network if there is one. However, this is no one knows.

This is a mandatory activity we must be followed on campus. A real work lecture allows us to socialize and get involved directly in society. We carry out various programs which of course have been discussed. And it sucks. It just sucks why this kind of activity must exist. Indeed, a person who can only stay in a room can only complain. However, this also helped me to be able to understand society from the other side.

araragi karen adios

So, this isn’t the end of everything. I, more precisely, will return after four weeks or more than a month. Tomorrow will be the busiest month, the most experience, and of course, unfair things. Cut both ways.

Sincerely, the man who can’t be moved.


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