Far Cry 2 – The Pioneer of “Far Cry” Series

Before many Far Cry” games we know today, a long journey from one of the most famous publishers. “Far Cry 2” brings its scope into a world full of war and all kinds of shootouts. The player found himself in an area full of barren, dry, marshes and deserts. As it should be, the player is far away in Africa only with the support of a diamond, weapons, and other supplies. This game uses free-roaming as its concept making the first “Far Cry” series use it. It’s also has a multiplayer feature as well as a single player that allows you to carry out missions or just playing free-roams.

The plot is not too promising but with the gameplay has realistic features. We play as a mercenary who goes to Africa to stop a civil war. Your mission is to find out who is the mastermind behind all of that. He is known as “The Jackal”. He is mysterious but very careful. Your job is to work with two camps in-turn. They are UFLL as militaristic and APR as revolutionaries. This group attacks each other and various outposts are also useful for filling in the lacking supply. There are Underground, the middle group where they serve as a medical part.

Far Cry 2 SS1

The single-player campaign is arguably slow-pace because it takes many hours to complete it. For its vast world, the game has many kinds of exploration ranging from landscape, currency, and weapons. The map system doesn’t function as it should be as a pause system. It’s to find all the missions you want to run, look for hidden diamonds using a walkie-talkie, look for safe houses, and also outpost. In addition to the main missions of the two groups of UFLL and APR, there is a mission where you have to save refugees who suffer from malaria. In addition, you are given the task of destroying a convey to unlock weapons. There is a mission where you have to kill mercenaries and rewards you with diamonds. This side mission is useful for completing your supply but it feels very repetitive and quickly monotonous. You also have to prepare pills where the player sometimes gets malaria. You can upgrade weapons, abilities, etc.

If you play single player, you are not alone. At least, there are more than 10 buddies available in separate places. They are useful in handling various kinds of side missions, helping you when you die, and other things. When you carry out the main mission, you have an option where you can get extra points to work next to your buddy. But, you also have to protect them because if they die, they don’t exist anymore. On the other hand, this feature doesn’t provide detailed information but this returns from the main plot, which is to find “The Jackal”. But, it’s just another waste of time to increase the level of friendship with your buddies.

Sometimes, the game is really annoying when it comes to the outpost. Even though you managed to take over an outpost, they always come to attack you. You have to take a one-stop and kill them all or try to escape even though the only way is the first choice. The time of day really the most interesting. You can skip from night, noon, morning and evening. It’s up to you, especially when playing at night is very difficult, you can change the player’s sleep hours and skip in brighter weather. You can also take over one and one safehouse by cleaning up the enemies around it.

Far Cry 2 SS2

From Molotov, Grenade, AK-47, RPG, there are so many weapons in this game. The weapons are divided into several types. There is machete as a melee weapon, secondary weapon, main weapon, and heavy weapons. This is also the most unique feature but it is also the most annoying. Your weapons can be damaged if you use them too often. Sometimes, your weapon is jammed and has to fix it. You are also equipped with a medical kit so you can fight easily.

Your health is divided into several stages. If you only have two or one health bars, you can perform a self-heal by removing a bullet in your hand or wearing a bandage. The graphics are one of the best in this game. Because the impression is indeed in a desert, your car can become dirty if you drive too long in a free-roam from one destination to another. You can also repair your car when your car fumes. The music is kind of memorable like in a local African vibe. The voice acting is tricky but not too unique besides that.

The multiplayer mode consists of 16 people in one mode. The mode is divided into several modes. There is deathmatch, capture the flag, team deathmatch, and territories. Unlike the single-player, multiplayer mode isn’t too impressed with the campaign mode. Each of the games consists of having to download each new map or if you are lazy, you can do quick matches.

Far Cry 2” is one of the most realistic games yet sometimes annoying for some players. It has many unique features. There are many kinds of weapons, diverse missions, friends, rewards, upgrades, and many more. It’s not really a bad game but because of that, this game comes with the impression of being an open-world first-person shooter who is a pioneer for other “Far Cry” series games.

4 out of 5 stars.


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